Static Eliminator AC Bar

ionizing_air_blowerThe generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges especially on moving surfaces, poses a serious problem in various industries and processes.  For example, static charges can lead to sticking and crumpling of polyester films while being processed on the machines. Collection of dust and other particulate contaminants on surfaces due to static is another example.

These shock-less static discharge bars are designed for elimination of electrostatic charge on moving surfaces. The bar is powered by a high voltage power source. The design is compact, yet rugged and is a very effective static eliminating tool for most industrial applications.These AC static eliminating bars generate ions of both polarities, thereby ensuring effective static elimination of positive and negative charges from moving surfaces.

 Features – bar

  • Shockless and hence no chance of hazard even if electrode is touched
  • Electrodes protected from short circuit; no damage even if accidentally earthed
  • Good discharge range  10 – 40 mm
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • No maintenance, except for periodic cleaning
  • Standard 2 meters HV interconnecting cable
  • Optional: Adjustable mounting bracket

Features – power source

  • Each power source can power 2 bars
  • More ports can be provided on request
  • Compact, dust proof and rugged construction
  • Detachable three-pin 2 meter Mains cord
  • Built-in fuse and power switch
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Very low power consumption
  • Short circuit protected with current limiting