Conductive Storage

Conductive Storage Bins

bin1  Conductive Bins offer complete safety for sensistive components while being stored or carried in-house. The surface resistance of these bins is less than 106.         Features: Stackable Heavy Duty Re-inforced base and stacking rim Slot for identification card [...]

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Conductive Tool Box

tool_boxConductive Tool Boxes are ideal for visiting engineers. The Surface resistivity of the boxes is in the conductive range i.e. < 106 ohms/sq. The tool box can be used to carry tools and is safe enough to be placed in Static sensitive environments. [...]

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Conductive Trays

trayConductive Trays with risers help to organise items in a static safe area. Tools, Components, Documents can be stored easily while providing sensitive components safety from electrostatic discharges.


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