Human Body Voltage Checker

human_body_voltage_checker_sc-02  This instrument is designed to measure the Static Voltages carried on a human body.  It is a good auditing tool to verify whether Personnel entering an ESD safe area are carrying any hazardous charges on themselves. It can also serve to verify whether all the ESD protection measures which have been taken to make a particular area ESD safe are effective. By such measures we mean conductive flooring,  antistatic table mats, wrist straps, static sheilding bags, ionizing equipment, conductive containers and bins etc.


It is very simple to use and only requires the personnel under test to touch the Button on the instrument and directly read the charge level in volts on the meter.


The Z2055A version gives a hazard warning if Voltage measured exceeds 100V




Dimensions in mm   :  125 x 75 x 29

Weight                  :  125 gms

Test Actuation        :  On/Off push button switch

Indicating range      :  0 to + 2000V 

Warning(in Z2055A) :  Audio alarm if voltage exceeds 100V

Display                  :  3.5 digit LCD display with polarity indication

Accuracy               :  +15%

Test Surface          :  Nickel plated button

Power Supply         :  9 V battery

Low battery                :  Warning at < 7.5 V on Display

Calibration             :  Recommended once every 12 months

Traceability           :  To national standards

Warranty             :  One year

Accessories          :  Carrying case & Grounding Cord

Construction         :  ABS plastic cabinet

Warranty             :  One year