Antistatic Packaging

Antistatic Bags

pa1Antistatic Bags are made of flexible polythelene material rendered antistatic by the use of special anti static agents. The surface resistivity is maintained below 1010 ohms per square. These bags are made from tubes of standard widths. The standard thickness of the bag is 0.1mm [...]

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Antistatic Air Bubble Bags

pa2These bags offer extra protection to delicate electronic components from impact and shock in addition to protection from ESD. These bags are available in any non-standard sizes. Also available are box shaped bags and sheets of 1.5 M width.

Static Shielding Bags

sheidingStatic Shielding Bags provide complete protection from electrostatic discharges. The  material is constructed out of Polyester, Vacuum Deposited Aluminum and Polythene, coated with Static Dissipative  Lacquer on  both sides. The material is high on Optical Clarity and low on ionic [...]

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