Conductive Rubber Mat

wdRemoves any static on the body. This mat can be cut to fit the desk or floor space.
Easy setting
Can be used in high temperature and low temperature environments
No pollution by bleeding anti-static material in the rubber.
Very durable, it withstands cracks and curling
Dimensions : 2mm thick x 1m wide

Floor Mat Installation Procedure:

  1. A clean level surface is required for installation of floor mats. Plaster of paris may be used to level the floor surface.
  2. Copper Strips are used to create a mesh grid on the floor to ensure that the floor mats are completely interconnected. The copper grids are in turn connected to the earth through a cord. Adhesives are used to stick the copper strips to the floor.
  3. The Floor Mats are then laid over the copper grids.
  4. All intersections (close to the edges) of Copper Strips are rivetted to the Floor Mat, ensuring contact with the conductive layer.