Single Cord Work Station Monitor

continuos_work_station_monitor_-02The Model WSM-01 has independent circuitry designed to continuously monitor the connections to ESD earth of Wrist strap & Work surface.

WRIST STRAP: This section continuously monitors the wrist strap to detect loss of continuity between operator and monitor. Conditions such as broken coils cords and improper contact with the skin are detected instantly to alert the operator before serious and expensive ESD damage can occur. As there is no resistance return path from the wrist strap, it uses the ‘capacitive AC pulse principle’ to check if the operator is adequately grounded. The wrist strap section is automatically activated when it is plugged in. continuous monitoring reduces the need for periodic checks and

also ensures greater security. ESD WORK SURFACE: The work surface is monitored by a DC Resistive principle and a warning is given in case the surface to ground resistance exceeds the safe threshold value of 10 Meg ohms.



Pass Threshold : under 4 Meg ohms for wrist strap : Under 10 Meg ohms for MAT
Indication        :        Green LED wrist strap : Pass
Red LED wrist strap : Fail
Red LED mat : Fail
Audible alarm : Flashing Red LED for wrist strap
Steady Red LED for MAT
Input power : 12V 500 ma DC
Accuracy : +/-10%
Repeatability : +/-10%
Dimensions : 125 x 65 x 35mm
warranty : One year
Optional : 12V Adopter.