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Marvel Products has been supplying static control products in India for more than 20 years. Our high quality products help you prevent static electricity from damaging expensive electronic equipment and electronic components.

Leading enterprises involved in electronics manufacturing in India have been trusting our products for more than 2 decades.

Browse through our website for our range of products, contact us if you have doubts or need further technical specifications, we will be more than happy to serve you.

Personnel Grounding

aws2Grounding personnel using our products provides safety to electronic components from damage due to static charges on personnel handling them.

Antistatic Packaging



When sensitive electronic components, subassemblies are transported or stored, anti static packaging materials assure safety from ESD damage.

ESD Work Surfaces

ws1Common work surfaces made of wood, sun-mica generate static electricity very easily on friction. Covering these work surfaces with static dissipative mats ensures that all electronic components / sub assemblies are safe while being handled, inspected or tested.

Digital Static Charge Meter

static_meterReliable on-the-spot measurement of static charges has been easier than with the portable SCM-01. Hand-held, yet highly accurate and low drift, the MPSCM-02 answers three basic questions:

  1. Is static present and on what Surfaces, Materials or people ?
  2. How much static?
  3. What is the [...]

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Conductive Storage Bins

bin1  Conductive Bins offer complete safety for sensistive components while being stored or carried in-house. The surface resistance of these bins is less than 106.         Features: Stackable Heavy Duty Re-inforced base and stacking rim Slot for identification card [...]

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Antistatic Conductive Fibre Brush

brushThe use of Antistatic Conductive Fibre brush eliminates Static Electricity by grounding the charges generated in Textile Machinery, Paper Processing and Printing Machinery and Pharmaceutical machinery. The Brush is fitted on the machine to allow the soft conductive fibres to touch or be in close proximity of the material on which the [...]

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