ESD Portable Kit

pk1The Portable ESD field service kit helps repair technicians, engineers, inspectors handle static sensitive components/ systems on site. The multi-layered ESD mat folds into half and can be zipped up to facilitate easy carrying to sites. A pocket is provided on the inner surface to help carrying other tools and implements. The kit as a [...]

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Self Adhesive Copper Tape

self_adhesive_copper_tapeThe tape is easily cut to size and may be quickly applied to a specimen mount or other surface. Carbon or metallic coating normally is applied to the sample and mount. An electrical discharge bridge is then completed from sample, through the copper and its conductive glue to the grounded specimen [...]

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Conductive Dust Caps

Conductive dust caps are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while providing mechanical and chemical protection to the internal surfaces of today's electronic packaging. 

Even a small discharge during handling between workstations could destroy critical circuitry. 

Conductive Dust Caps provide protection to Sensitive Components from electrostatic discharges while being stored or transported.

Surface [...]

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